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M Rays – baking birthday cakes, making birthday memories

M Rays – baking birthday cakes, making birthday memories

A large part of our business in the bakery involves making birthday cakes to order, and we are always delighted to be able to help a family celebrate together.

Let’s face it, a birthday party is better with cake, and when that cake is in an unusual or personal design, it can really help festivities to feel… well, festive.

Our birthday cakes start from 7 inches circular, enough for about 8 good portions, and go right up to gigantic 24-inch squares that can feed 80 or more people.

Prices vary depending on what you want too, but in general you can expect to pay about £2 per portion, with bigger savings on very large sizes.

Our designs are fun, personal and done to a professional standard, complete with three-dimensional icing figures if that’s what you want.

We can include pictures printed in ink that’s safe to eat, as well as iced designs added by our expert bakers’ own hand in coloured sugar icing.

If your party has a Disney theme, for example, we have no problem in providing a cake to match, with the image of your favourite character added to the design.

Even the type of cake itself is your decision – from a standard sponge with buttercream and jam, our most popular birthday cake, to coffee or orange cake, red velvet, lemon, chocolate or even carrot cake.

There may be a slight additional charge depending on the type of cake you want, but you can always feel free to call or visit us in our bakery to check what the budget is likely to be.

We genuinely love making a birthday cake that the individual will enjoy, whether it’s a surprise or part of their own party planning – and our website gallery shows a great selection of our designs from happy customers in the past, which might give you an idea of what you want for your own cake in the future.