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Tis the season for Christmas puddings

Tis the season for Christmas puddings

Christmas is fast approaching now, and that means it’s Christmas pudding season – or at least, it is for you, but for us Christmas puddings are a year-round topic.

We actually start working on our Christmas puddings early in the year, so that they have the chance to fully mature and develop their wonderfully complex flavours by the time the festive season arrives.

It’s also important that we have enough stock to meet demand, as it’s not just buyers who walk into our bakery who want our puds, but also delicatessens and farm shops, and even some caterers, restaurants and well-known chefs who pretend our puddings are from their own kitchens!

With five different sizes available, we aim to cater for a wide range of tastes and budgets, ranging from a 225g Christmas pud right up to a 1.35kg celebration pudding that still only costs £12.50.

For that price – or even less, for a smaller pudding – you’ll get the best fruit we can buy, in a recipe containing vegetarian suet and our own blend of alcoholic ingredients including brandy, barley wine and Guinness.

If you’re a cake-lover, we can also supply Christmas cakes in various sizes, and these too are packed with brandy-soaked fruit, cherries and pecan nuts for maximum flavour.

You don’t have to wait until the night before Christmas, as our cakes are available from mid-November onwards – why delay when you can tuck into this festive treat today?

And for a smaller snack or if you want something seasonal to enjoy on the go, we have mince pies available in our bakery too, again using our own special recipe.

The pastry is as light and lovely as you could hope for, and again the suet is vegetarian, so everybody can enjoy one of our pies.

Our full range includes regular and mini mince pies, brandy-laden pies and the Viennese style too, and as with our Christmas puddings, we can supply caterers, restaurants, delicatessens and farm shops, so get in touch if you’d like to place an order.