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Give your partner a wedding cake to remember

Give your partner a wedding cake to remember

It’s that time of year when thoughts of Christmas fade into the memory, and thoughts of Valentine’s Day rapidly come to the front of the mind – with only a few weeks left to arrange gifts and so on.

February 14th is, of course, also a day when many people choose to propose to their long-term partner, and in the 21st century that often means the woman is the one popping the question, not to mention the rise of civil partnerships and same-sex marriages too.

Whatever your relationship circumstances, we can supply wedding cakes to help your ceremony stand out as a truly great celebration, as well as giving your guests a tasty treat that really portrays your personality too.

For example, our wedding cakes don’t have to be your classic vanilla sponge or fruit cake (although our Genoese sponge is floaty-light and our fruit comes packed with as much brandy as we can soak into it).

If you want, you can choose carrot cake, lemon sponge, or even coffee cake – one for the caffeine-lovers, or for a morning reception perhaps – and we can also take orders for your preference of frosting, buttercream and so on.

Our tiered cakes provide a classic appearance for an elegant wedding ceremony or reception, while our deep tiers offer a modern alternative if you are perhaps having fewer guests and want them each to receive a much deeper slice of cake – or simply because you like the look of it.

For chocolate enthusiasts, we offer a choice of Belgian chocolate cakes made using luxurious dark, white or milk chocolate and packed with ganache, plus a healthy outer coating of yet more chocolate, or decoration with fruit.

Whatever you have planned for Valentine’s Day, if it’s likely to lead to a ceremony later on, come and see us to find out more about our range of wedding cakes – we’re always happy to speak to visitors to our bakery in either Prescot or Allerton.