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Happy Easter from Ray’s Bakery!

Happy Easter from Ray’s Bakery!

Easter is one of the loveliest times of year – Winter is finally giving way to Spring, the birds are singing again and the sun is out… and that’s not even touching on the number of chocolate eggs suddenly around! However, if you’re looking for something to make your Easter really special, why not nip into Ray’s Bakery and see what catches your eye? We have a great selection of treats that could be perfect for the family this Easter, whether you’re looking for a few Easter cupcakes, a celebration cake for the whole family, or a box of our delicious traditional hot cross buns!

Easter Treats at Ray’s Bakery

If you’re looking for a treat this Easter, why not go for something more special than a chocolate egg? Perfect for all the family, our Easter selection includes specially-decorated Easter cupcakes, prepared every morning by our expert bakers and ideal for those who want a small treat to celebrate the day.

Our Easter range of baked treats isn’t just cakes, of course – we also have a huge range of baked goods available from our bakery and coffee shop, including Easter biscuits and themed fancy cakes and sandwich cakes available in our bakery! Of course, our usual selection is still available too, with pastries, pies, fancies and bread for you to choose from. If you’d rather something a little bigger, we also make celebration cakes for Easter, which are perfect for getting the family together or celebrating with friends!

Hot Cross Buns – A Traditional Easter Treat!

Every Easter, especially on the Thursday before Easter, the bakers at Ray’s Bakery make our traditional Easter Hot Cross Buns. An English Easter treat dating back hundreds of years, these baked treats are delicious toasted with butter and a hot cup of tea. Pop in and try one today – or pick up a box for the whole family to enjoy this Easter!

If you don’t quite feel like a hot cross bun but you’d still like to celebrate the season, our selection of Easter biscuits may be perfect for you – or you could enjoy one of our themed Easter cakes and fancies. Just pop in and see what takes your fancy!

Traditional Easter Simnel Cakes from Ray’s Bakery

In addition to our normal stock of cakes and baked treats, and our traditional Easter hot cross buns, the bakers at Ray’s love to give a little extra at Easter and around Mother’s Day, so they bake traditional Simnel Cakes for our customers to enjoy. Not many bakeries still make Simnel Cakes, but they’ve been a tradition in the UK and Ireland around Easter time for almost a thousand years! Once you’ve tasted one of our Simnel cakes, you’ll understand why they’ve stuck around – they’re delicious and distinctive, unlike any other cake you’re likely to try.

A traditional Simnel cake, like the ones we make for Easter at Ray’s Bakery, is made with layers of light, sweet fruit cake separated by a layer of marzipan or almond paste, and topped with another layer of marzipan for decoration. Sometimes, they’re decorated with 12 marzipan balls – which, the story goes, represent Jesus and the 12 disciples (minus Judas) at Easter. With a longer shelf life than a sponge or other cake, Simnel cakes are ideal for buying a few days before Easter, so they’re ready for the big day!

Traditional Easter Bread on Easter Saturday

On Easter Saturday, our bakers work throughout the morning to prepare our traditional Easter Bread. Eaten all across Europe as an Easter Tradition, our Easter Bread is the perfect thing to enjoy on Easter Sunday – or fresh-baked on the Saturday that you buy it.

Easter Afternoon Tea

Every Easter, the staff at Ray’s serve afternoon tea in our coffee shop, where you can relax and enjoy a selection of samples of our cakes – including our traditional Easter Simnel cake.

For the two weeks leading up to Easter, our cafés will be serving our special Easter afternoon teas, which include sandwiches made with bread fresh from our bakery, a slice of Simnel and a toasted hot cross bun, served with a pot of tea or a cup of coffee.

As well as our Easter afternoon tea, our café also stocks a selection of sandwiches and scones, all made fresh in our bakeries that morning, as well as samples of our Easter cakes! If you really love one of our samples, you can even order a slice from our bakery – or pick up the whole thing on your way out!

Get in Touch!

If you’re interested in an Easter treat from Ray’s Bakery, or you’d like to call ahead to book a table for afternoon tea, you can get in touch with us on our phone number, 0151 426 6148 or use the contact form on this website! Whether you’re looking for our Allerton Bakery or our Prescot store, that number is the one you need. We look forward to seeing you!