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Celebrate St. George’s Day with Our English Baking Week!

Celebrate St. George’s Day with Our English Baking Week!

For lovers of traditional baking like us, there’s no holiday quite like St. George’s Day. Often overlooked, this holiday give us the chance to showcase the incredible baking talents of England throughout the ages, from highlighting the traditional bakes we stock all-year round to trying our hand at regional favourites from all over the nation!

As if that wasn’t enough, we’ll be spending an entire week celebrating English Baking in all its glorious forms, with new seasonal treats, deals on many of our items and even a special Afternoon Tea to celebrate. From the 16th of April to the 23rd (St. George’s Day) we’ll be flying the flag for local traditional baking, great-quality English food, and truly brilliant Full English breakfasts.

We look forward to seeing you!

English Baking Traditions & Regional Specialties

Not many countries can rival the baking traditions of England, and we at Ray’s Bakery aim to showcase those traditions in our week of Celebrating English Baking, with regional treats from all over the country – Oxfordshire, Lincolnshire, Bath and even further afield! For the week of St. George’s Day, we’ll be stocking traditional goodies including:

Bath Buns

A Bath classic almost as old as the city itself, Bath Buns are a regional treat from the Southwest, popularised in London during the “London Bath Bun” boom of 1851, where almost a million were eaten in only 5 and a half months! An extremely old recipe dating from the 1700’s, Bath Buns are a timeless pleasure, loved by such historic figures as Jane Austen, who once wrote in a letter of how much she loved to treat herself to one of these sweet rolls.

Traditionally made with crushed sugar on top and a sweet, heavy dough, these buns are still very popular in Bath and London, where they’re made year-round – and, for our Celebration of English Baking, our bakers will be making these delicious traditional buns as part of our seasonal selection from the 16th of April to the 23rd of April – St. George’s Day itself!

Sally Lunn Tea Bread

The Sally Lunn teacake or Sally Lunn bun is difficult to categorise, with a light, brioche-like texture that leads people to call it a bun, a bread and a tea cake! Delicious with butter and a cup of tea, this Bath classic has an origin shrouded in myth – the enigmatic “Sally Lunn” may or may not have been a real person, carrying the recipe for these sweet, brioche-like tea breads across the English Channel as she fled persecution in France, inventing the cakes in Bath and popularising them across the South of England; or she may have been a completely legendary figure. Either way, the cakes that bear her name are still just as popular today, perfect sliced and served warm with butter and tea. Don’t just take our word for it – try them at Ray’s Bakery this St. George’s Day, where we’ll be making Sally Lunn Tea Bread as part of our celebration of traditional English baking!

Oxfordshire Lardy Cake

A wholesome cake made for workers who needed an energy boost to keep them going during hard outside work, no matter the weather, Oxfordshire Lardy Cake is traditionally made with sugar, a strong dough, mixed dried fruit and lard, providing a rich, sweet treat that is still popular today.

While many southern regions lay claim to their own traditional types of lardy cake, few can match the simplicity and hearty flavours of a classic Oxfordshire Lardy Cake – that’s why, at Ray’s Bakery, we’ll be making these traditional treats as part of the selection featured in our English Baking Week. Why not pop in and try one, or sit down for a cup of tea and a slice of Lardy Cake in our café?

Lincolnshire Plum Loaf

Another farmhouse classic, Lincolnshire Plum Loaf is sold all across Lincolnshire in traditional bakeries – and for English Baking Week, it’ll be sold in Ray’s Bakery, too! Traditionally eaten with a slice of cheese – which may seem odd at first, but believe us, it’s delicious – Lincolnshire plum loaf usually doesn’t actually have any plums in it! Instead, it’s packed with delicious mixed dried fruits, all wrapped up in a heavy, rich, sweet bread. If you’re looking for something a little more hearty to celebrate St. George’s Day this year – or you’d like to try something with a bit of rich English history behind it – our Lincolnshire Plum Loaf is perfect.

Traditional Favourites

Of course, we aren’t just specialising in regional classics for our English Baking Week – there are plenty of traditional treats that have always been popular all over the country, and we’ll be including them too, with our heartbreakingly delicious treacle tart, light and moreish bread & butter pudding and a range of flavoured scones to provide something a little different with your afternoon tea! These quintessential English goodies will be available for our English Baking Week, starting on Monday the 16th of April and running through to St. George’s Day!

Accompanying these limited edition treats, we have a number of offers on the English baked goods that we sell all year round – from our buttery, moreish Eccles cakes to our extravagant vanilla slices and sweet strawberry tarts – and even some of our savouries! If you’d like more information on what we’ve got on offer this week, why not give us a call on 0151 426 6148 for both our Prescot and Allerton Bakeries!

The bakers there can give you more info on our English Baking deals and offers, limited edition goodies and more – or you can pop in to one of our bakeries and see for yourself!

English Afternoon Tea

Speaking of English Traditions, is there any tradition more English than Afternoon Tea? Sitting down with a pot of tea or a cup of coffee, a round of sandwiches and a scone or cake to take a moment to yourself or catch up with a friend is practically a national English pastime, so why not do it right at Ray’s Bakery this St. George’s Day?

For the week of St. George’s Day, starting on Monday the 16th of April and running right to the day itself (Monday the 23rd of April) Ray’s Bakery are serving traditional English Afternoon Tea, where you can celebrate this most English of snacks with lovingly hand-baked English treats like our treacle tart, flavoured scones, Eccles cakes and regional delicacies like Bath Buns, Sally Lunn Tea Bread, Oxfordshire Lardy Cake and Lincolnshire Plum Loaf, as well as our usual favourites – sandwiches on our hand-baked fresh bread, scones with cream and jam, and goodies from our bakery, made that day by our master bakers.

If you need a tea break, or you fancy treating someone special this week, our celebration of traditional English baking has exactly what you need – try our Traditional English Afternoon Tea for yourself!

Traditional Full English Breakfasts

There might actually be one meal more traditionally English than the Afternoon Tea, now that we think of it… the Full English Breakfast!

We serve our hearty, filling Full English Breakfasts all-year-round, but to celebrate St. George’s Day, this English classic is 10% off all week – starting Monday 16th April and continuing until St. George’s Day itself – Monday 23rd April. A good breakfast is essential to a good day, and there’s no breakfast better than the Full English Breakfast from Ray’s Bakery!

We hope you join us in our celebration of English Baking this week – and Happy St. George’s Day!