Craft Bakery

It’s 4am on a Monday morning, and another weeks work is about to start at Rays bakery… 

Our bakery manager, Mike, and his fellow bakers Ian and Connor start to mix the doughs, heat up the ovens and make the custard for the Vanilla slices. Soon Mary , Gertie & Jackie join them & start hand moulding the bread, preparing the quiche, frying the doughnuts & filling the fruit pies. Mike & Val load the ovens as soon as everything is ready, and then pack the freshly baked pies, bread & pastries for our 2 shops in time for opening.

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In the decorating department Chris, Suzanne & Hannah finish the cream cakes,   put the vanilla slices together & ice the Danish pastries while Sheila & Elaine begin work on the celebration cakes. As the day goes on there are fancies, cup cakes & sandwich cakes to make, as well as desserts for buffets & wholesale orders.

The work in the bakery turns to making sponge, chocolate, fruit or ginger cake, using scratch recipes which have been perfected over the years. Some are original recipes created by Marion Ray, whilst others have evolved over the years or been created as trends & fashions change. Our bakers make many different types of pastry and fillings for the pies and sausage rolls too. We make a huge variety of products and everyone is kept busy throughout the day. As soon as the finished goods are ready they are on sale, often still hot from the oven.

The day ends with a good clean down as hygiene is vitally important to us. We are proud to have a 5 star rating from both Knowsley & Liverpool councils for the bakery & shops.

Traditional Craft Bakers Established 1924

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